Lucas McFarlane Interview

I am missing dance so much recently just been looking through some old interviews and picking some favourites. This one with Lucas was lovely and I really appreciate the lovely comments on youtube as well.


Living History

Now in the final term of my first year at East 15 Acting school, I have just completed the infamous ‘Living History’ project that all East 15ers go through. This year we recreated the Bosnian Civil war in 1992-1995. The experience was overwhelming and truly unique. I fell in love with my character and now feel i can go deeper in my training but trust myself to come out of it safely. Our teachers really pushed us enabling us to become more mature as actors. I’m so glad i completed this project and i am now part of the East 15 legacy. It was unlike anything i’ve ever done and helped me to discover so many aspects of myself that never could be done through just text work. Thank you to everyone who made this last fortnight so unforgettable.