East 15 BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre

I am currently in my 4th week of training at East 15 Acting School and I really am loving it. It’s known for being a method school that often is a little bit crazy and that’s why it was the school for me. I could have done a foundation course at LIPA but after my audition at E15 I just felt so at home and so inspired by the enthusiasm of the students that I couldn’t see myself anywhere else and really wanted a place.
My training is already intense, tiring and extremely helpful. I’m discovered things about myself and I’m learning techniques to keep my body and voice healthy as well as develop my skills as an actor. The tutors are all very inspiring and I’ve met some great friends too. The time has flown by and I know my 3 years will be over before I know it!
I’m excited for the rest of the term and I’m eager to work hard and improve my skills.


CEOP Educational Film

Filming in London today for an educational film for CEOP. It will go to schools and online. Rehearsal yesterday went well so today should be a lot of fun!


Filming for Derren Brown’s new series

Derren Brown - Fear and Faith

Derren Brown – Fear and Faith

In October of last year, 2012, I was part of a select few who filmed a choreographed sequence in Derren Brown’s most recent series. I was the waitress character. We were performing in public with a live client who could not know anything of the plan. I was not allowed to drop character or give anything away. It was a great shoot and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to doing more TV work in the near future.

$yn-Da-Rilla; The Urban Panto

This Christmas Season I am lucky enough to be part of the extremely talented cast of $yn-Da-Rilla; The Urban Panto. I will be playing the brilliant role of Jeanie Dandini. She is feisty, loyal and so much fun to play! Written by Robin Kingsland and choreographed by Sam Golle we are all very excited about this production. Rehearsals are in full swing and I am sure the performances will blow the audiences away! It has everything a traditional panto has but with an added urban twist including awesome street dance and a current soundtrack!

To book your tickets go to https://forms.enfield.gov.uk/peo/default.asp?cgCode=21&cgName=Dugdale%20Centre&interface=48

12th-29th Dec. Dugdale Centre, Enfield.

The Passing

The Passing

This Halloween season i am working at Thorpe Park at their Fright Nights! I was lucky enough to be selected to be an actor in the brand new horror maze The Passing. It is the longest maze on park and is so much fun to act it. I have learnt how to improvise with the live public, not to be embarrassed of anything you’re doing and even a little conflict management. It’s such a new and different experience and so much fun!!