Little Mix Video Shoot

Earlier on this year, I was a background dancer for Little Mix in their new video, ‘How You Doin?’. It was a long day but in the end the club scene looks awesome and i’m really happy I got some more experience in the Television/Music industry.


Little Nikki Says

Last week I was shooting Little Nikki’s new music video for her debut single.

After auditions only 6 of us got through. We had a day long rehearsal with choreographer Suzette Brissett working on the routine, transitions and freestyle. The shoot was the next day and was brilliant. All of us worked really hard and went full out the whole day. Director Jon Augustavo was pleased with our work. It was great to work under such a prestigious name like Sony Music!

Can’t wait to see the end result. Watch out for the next big hit ‘Little Nikki Says’…it’s a tune!!


Jeans for Genes fashion show

For the last two days I’ve been modelling some clothing at the Office Management and PA show at ExCel. It’s was so fun to get to show off some high street fashion and gorgeous business wear whilst strutting my stuff. The organisers were extremely grateful and thought we did a fantastic job. Working alongside Louise Thompson, star of Made in Chelsea, was a pleasure and she even said ‘You guys are so much better than I am at this stuff. You’ve got the attitude going on.’
All in all a brilliant couple of days!


Filming for Derren Brown’s new series

Derren Brown - Fear and Faith

Derren Brown – Fear and Faith

In October of last year, 2012, I was part of a select few who filmed a choreographed sequence in Derren Brown’s most recent series. I was the waitress character. We were performing in public with a live client who could not know anything of the plan. I was not allowed to drop character or give anything away. It was a great shoot and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to doing more TV work in the near future.