Lucas McFarlane Interview

I am missing dance so much recently just been looking through some old interviews and picking some favourites. This one with Lucas was lovely and I really appreciate the lovely comments on youtube as well.


Little Nikki Says

Last week I was shooting Little Nikki’s new music video for her debut single.

After auditions only 6 of us got through. We had a day long rehearsal with choreographer Suzette Brissett working on the routine, transitions and freestyle. The shoot was the next day and was brilliant. All of us worked really hard and went full out the whole day. Director Jon Augustavo was pleased with our work. It was great to work under such a prestigious name like Sony Music!

Can’t wait to see the end result. Watch out for the next big hit ‘Little Nikki Says’…it’s a tune!!


$yn-Da-Rilla; The Urban Panto

This Christmas Season I am lucky enough to be part of the extremely talented cast of $yn-Da-Rilla; The Urban Panto. I will be playing the brilliant role of Jeanie Dandini. She is feisty, loyal and so much fun to play! Written by Robin Kingsland and choreographed by Sam Golle we are all very excited about this production. Rehearsals are in full swing and I am sure the performances will blow the audiences away! It has everything a traditional panto has but with an added urban twist including awesome street dance and a current soundtrack!

To book your tickets go to

12th-29th Dec. Dugdale Centre, Enfield.

My First Ever Interview!!

My First Ever Interview!!

Was looking back through a few of my videos and came across the one which started it all. It seems like a lifetime ago. I was performing in the show anyway but then I was told that Dance to This needed a presenter. They gave me about an hours notice and I had never done any interviewing in my life. When I was told who I was going to be interviewing I got so nervous and did not know how I would compose myself. I took a deep breath thought of some questions and gave it my all. Hopefully it came out alright. 🙂 Click on the link above to judge for yourselves!