Filming for Derren Brown’s new series

Derren Brown - Fear and Faith

Derren Brown – Fear and Faith

In October of last year, 2012, I was part of a select few who filmed a choreographed sequence in Derren Brown’s most recent series. I was the waitress character. We were performing in public with a live client who could not know anything of the plan. I was not allowed to drop character or give anything away. It was a great shoot and I really enjoyed it. I look forward to doing more TV work in the near future.


The Passing

The Passing

This Halloween season i am working at Thorpe Park at their Fright Nights! I was lucky enough to be selected to be an actor in the brand new horror maze The Passing. It is the longest maze on park and is so much fun to act it. I have learnt how to improvise with the live public, not to be embarrassed of anything you’re doing and even a little conflict management. It’s such a new and different experience and so much fun!!